This is the Century of Decentralization

Centralization was necessary before everything was connected. But centralization is no longer suited to keep up with the two big challenges of business today:

The pace of business is increasing.

The people problems are not going away. 

Decentralization addresses these problems in fundamentally new ways. The five components of decentralization are: 

1. The Blockchain Revolution: From Central to Decentral
By the end of 2016, all business leaders will need to understand what the blockchain is, its potential to transform their industry, and start doing blockchain experiments.

The World Economic Forum estimates that as much as ten percent of world GDP will be on the blockchain by 2025. 

Interested in learning about blockchain? See our blockchain introduction

2 Self-Serve: From Push to Pull
David’s 2010 book, Pull, is about the fundamental shift from pushing products and services to setting your company up for customers to pull them. This shift is already well underway. David shows how to go from a matrix or supply-driven model to “Everything as a Service.” 

3: Self-Management: From Command and Control to Autonomy and Communication
Responsive, antifragile organizations replace managers with systems. While the 20th century was about scale, the 21st century will be about fulfillment. In complex adaptive systems, simple heuristics often outperform experts. 

4. Organizational agility: from factory to laboratory (from planning to experiments)
All organizations, including government, education, and nonprofit, must transition from a factory to a laboratory model. Our approach is to build more agile organizations that naturally accept uncertainty and take advantage of volatility. 

5. Self-governance: from elite control to crowd control
A new movement is growing. The goal is to give most or all of the ownership and control of a company to its employees, partners, and customers. From workforce democracy to decentralized autonomous organizations, this century may see many “headless” organizations run simply by consensus. 

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