What Do You Believe ...

by David Siegel

 Image courtesy of CollegeHumor.com, used without permission.

Image courtesy of CollegeHumor.com, used without permission.

Count how many of these statements you generally believe to be true ...

o Stretching before exercise is measurably beneficial.

o Taking supplemental vitamins, or a multivitamin, is beneficial to your health.

People taking statins shouldn’t drink grapefruit juice.

Taking antioxidants provides measurable benefit to overall health or longevity.

It’s important to get enough calcium, to prevent bone problems.

All men should get tested for prostate cancer by age 50.

Pregnant women should not consume alcohol, not even a glass of wine a day.

The CDC immunization program for infants has been shown to be beneficial.

Eating dark chocolate is good for you.

Dental fillings made of mercury have been shown to cause health problems.

Children should drink cow’s milk to build up their bones.

Everyone should be sure to get enough vitamin D.

o Left side of the brain is more analytical and quantitative; right side is more creative and linguistic.

Vitamin C helps prevent colds.

o Resveratrol, one of the components of red wine, can help you live longer. 

o Vaccine preservatives can increase a child’s likelihood of getting autism.

Most antidepressant medications approved by the FDA are effective.  

A low-fat diet is beneficial for most people.

A low-carb diet is beneficial for most people.

A low-protein diet is beneficial for most people.

A salad or other daily fiber added to the diet contributes to good health.

It’s healthier to eat organic foods than conventional food.

o Adults should get a checkup every five to ten years. 

You should try to get at least a certain minimum amount of protein in your diet.

People who want to lose weight should consume fewer calories than they burn.

A calorie-restricted diet or one that includes fasting is good for you.

There is a scientific basis for homeopathic medicine.

Children who eat sugar become hyperactive.

Regular flossing helps prevent tooth decay.

No two fingerprints are exactly alike.

Investors with 5+ years of beating the market are likely to continue to do so.

Successful businesspeople have qualities that unsuccessful businesspeople don’t.

o An education will pay for itself in future earnings.

o According to the World Health Organization, the United States is in the top 25 of all countries ranked by life expectancy of their people.

o According to the UN, the United States ranks in the top 15 of all countries with lowest infant mortality. 

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