Credit Suisse study finds companies with more gender diversity outperform peers.

Scott Cook on how they use experiments (trial and error) to innovate at Intiut - Inc. video

Scott Cook on not listening to your boss, do experiments instead - FastCompany article

US Government releases data on drug company payments to doctors - $billions in "education" spending

The Just World Fallacy - are you a victim?

One of GE's engine plants outperforms its peers, and it's completely flat. 

Print out The Cognitive Bias Field Guide - and put it on the table for big decisions. 

Capital One, a company that routinely conducts ten-thousand-plus consumer experiments per year, rolls out Capital One Labs, to start thinking more out of the box.

Eric Schmidt's slide deck on How Google Works.

The Myth of Vitamins - the amazing story of genius, cognitive decline, and self delusion. 

The myth of the flu vaccine deniers - it works, get it yearly. 

Good short piece on magical thinking - New York Times

David Dunning's new piece on ignorance and confidence - article

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