Somik Raha on discovering your intrinsic organizational values - amazing, must watch - a watering hole for risk mavens

A classic: "The Insanity of the What-by-When," by Brian Robertson (read this!)

How they hire and promote at Chipotle (great stuff, except for the bonus basis) - article

Reflecting on Work is more effective than doing more work - Harvard Business Review

Once again, Hans Rosling delivers an outstanding talk on wrongology - TED talk

A bit of evidence showing that you should stand up and move every 20 minutes - article

To improve science, shine a light on the dark data - New York Times article

Why you should hire people who have rebounded from failure, rather than been continuously successful - excellent piece by @idonethis

Ingredients in food, like sugar, found not addictive - study

Tim Minchin's wonderful graduation speech hits many agility points on the mark. 

How Northeastern University gamed the rankings machine and profited handsomely. Always remember that rankings are made up and as legitimate as palmistry.

Entering the swamp of fluid intelligence - what we know about brain plasticity and cognitive training - Scientific American

If MSG causes so many diseases, why don't more Asians have those diseases? There is no evidence that MSG causes anything but enhanced taste. 

I hope Esther Duflo gets a Nobel Prize for her work in randomized social experiments. Read her book, Poor Economics

The Paradox of Choice, about much has been written, is wrong. Read A Meta-Analytic Review of Choice Overload - paper

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