Groupthink: Busting the Brainstorming Myth - New Yorker Article

The New England Patriots is the only pro football team that essentially NEVER fumbles - statistical analysis points to when that started and, perhaps, why. 

NFL coaches traditionally use gut feel, rather than statistical analysis, to make decisions - and lose. 

Shocked to learn that TV doctors put their own bank accounts ahead of public health! 

Is Harvard worth it? No, say many studies. - short summary

65% of Megaprojects fail - read why

Your new car's engine noise is ... a digital sound effect. 

Distinguishing cause from effect in data using additive noise analysis - paper

Organizing for the Unpredictable, by Bud Caddell - must-read! 

I call it Agility, Chuck Blakeman calls it Participation - watch his inspiring TEDx Denver talk and learn about the Crankset Group's work. Don't settle for command-and-control! There are plenty of progressive companies to work for now. 

How you calculate cost of capital may be more important than how you budget your project. And most companies do a terrible job of it! - HBR article

A new, careful study turns up no evidence of gluten sensitivity. 

How Harvard and Yale used the SAT test to ensure that "aristocrats" and their children dominate the student body, and it continues today as testocracy rules our educational system. The SAT correlates highly with family income and very little with success in college or University. 

Boomerang Commerce releases the consumer Price Perception Index, helping us understand the biases behind pricing. 

A review of The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms that Control Money and Society - worth thinking about

What Makes Some Teams More Effective than Others? - NYT article

Stop using Google to search for health advice! Use these evidence-based databases instead. 

All terrorists are Muslim ... except for the 94% who aren't - article

The amazing START terrorist database - free data to help us cross the river of myths about terrorism. 

Hold the phone: new analysis shows that only 2.5% of terrorists are Muslim. Far more are Jewish or Christian. 

But wait! 61% of terrorist bombings in which at least 15 people were killed were carried out by Muslims in the name of their religion. As usual, it's complicated. 

Social Influence Bias:  think the comments people leave on web sites have no influence on your choices? Think again. - paper

Drug addiction and the war on drugs - not what you might think. Legalizing drugs works. 

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