Factor by which the rate of retraction of scientific papers has increased in the past four decades : 10

Portion of retractions that stem from fraud, plagiarism, or duplicate publications : 2/3

Estimated amount of National Institutes of Health funding that has gone to studies withdrawn after publication : $58,000,000

Are you sweeping failure under the rug? Fail Forward will guide you in managing and learning from failure.  

Are you still doing performance reviews? Try Wirl.ca - a new tool for providing constant feedback instead. 

The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia’s reaction to popularity is causing its decline - research paper

Augur - a blockchain-based prediction market that can't be killed. Cool. See their video. 

The case for true majority rule in voting systems - Scientific American

A good short video explains the 18+ year "pause" in global average temperatures.

It's a good thing doctors get it right more often than they get it wrong. Barely. 

You know those large floating rafts of plastic garbage accumulating in the middle of the ocean? They don't exist. 

Is MSG safe to eat? Yes-the message that MSG is bad for you was a misunderstanding. - short video 

A recent metastudy confirms that you should probably be taking statins. 

An amazing rap video series on Keynes vs Hayek - must watch.

Marc Andreesen's productivity tips

Should you get a flu shot? Yes.

A nice interview with Philip Tetlock on superforecasting

The famous Dr Fox lecture, in which an "expert" delivers a bullshit lecture and people accept it as brilliant - 6 min. 

Speaking of bullshit, here's a paper on how researchers got people to believe spurious bullshit sentences, calling them profound

Philip Zimbardo interview on how hierarchy begets evil behavior

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