"The market failures of the past were when consumers did not get what they want.  The market failures of the future will come when consumers do get what they want." - Tyler Cowen

The Wired article on Kevin Dunbar and the myths of scientific discovery everyone should read.

How much information do you need to make a decision? - Pat Leach blog

Choose which decision tool to use depending on circumstances - HBR article.

More evidence that you can't multitask

Why CEOs should spend half their time hiring - nice article by the First Round team

Edward Tufte's grand truths about human behavior. 

Cass Sunstein's new paper on Risk: Cheneyism vs Snowdenism and a better context for deciding what to do.

Surprise! Stock analysts have conflict of interest - reseach paper

Graphic: How much water it takes to produce one ounce of the various foods we eat. - LA Times

A new metastudy by the Kaufmann Foundation draws the right conclusion for the wrong reasons: no evidence that incubators and accelerators help start-ups succeed. 

Does increasing minimum wage help people get out of poverty? No, says a new study

A Stanford study shows that every hour you work over 55 per week is a total waste. 

The problem with the Ebola outbreak was that we didn't really know that Ebola was endemic to Liberia. Oh, wait. Yes, we did. 

A fantastic infographic on teams vs individuals. 

What's your answer to Newcomb's Paradox

Curse of the lottery debunked: new research shows most lottery winners generally happier, not broke. 

A good review of Holocracy - worth checking out

Turnover in the Fortune 500 a sign of our times? No, and it may not be a sign of anything but statistical variance, says the Kauffman Foundation report. 


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