Top performance and outcomes are often produced by things besides skill, so we shouldn’t reward them as much as we do.
            - Jerker Denrell

How SoundCloud keeps teams collaborating in four offices around the world - FirstRound Capital blog

Extreme Value Theory as a Risk Management Tool - nice paper, read the first paragraph.

I've heard it said, "You don't add simplicity in, you take complexity out." I don't believe this is true. You actually add simplicity in. It's a skill. Few people have it.  - David Siegel

Here it is: The iDoneThis Ultimate Guide to Awesome Meetings - a platform for managing, improving, and recording meetings. 

Don't have meetings for status updates! Use iDoneThis instead. 

Don't let strategy become planning - HBR article by Roger Martin 

Why do only a small number of brand-name universities produce the majority of tenured professors? Maybe it has something to do with anchoring and signaling

How Disney reinvented the theme park experience, because they were dead if they didn't - This is the planning fallacy in real life: it's more about the culture and the process than the plans and powerpoints. Fast Company article

Hospital Kaizen: finding ways to continually reduce the time it takes to treat heart-attack victims has paid huge dividends - NYTimes article

Atul Gawande on Why Doctors Fail - video

Vineet Nayar on Employees First, Customers Second - a short talk.

Judith Curry's company, CFAN, helps companies make realistic decisions based on realistic climate forecasts. 

Forget the experts - hire ConsensusPoint to build a prediction market that helps you make far better forecasts. 

Donald Hoffman's excellent TED talk on the gap between perception and reality

Here is Hoffman's bio page with several great videos to watch.

Chris Sacca's blog post on how Twitter can be more responsive to its users

"Economics has a reputation for producing rigorous nonsense." - a nice piece on uncritical thinking, by the incomparable Tim Harford. 

Plotting Likert and Other Rating Scales - a nice paper on how to work with subjective data

A collection of graphs showing that correlation is not causation - funny

Can you truly imagine what other people are going through? No, says the research. - NY Times article

The amazing Management Information Exchange video page - so much to watch and learn there! 

Experts with sensational predictions simply are those who get lucky; we tend to forget all the predictions they made that didn't come true. - an HBR interview with Jerker Denrell

What Kind of Leadership do Flat Companies Need? - FastCompany article

A wonderful MIT lecture by Philip Evans on the future of data and how it impacts society - enjoy it! 

The story of Anthony Gatto - not everyone who works hard gets rewarded. 

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