What Does Your Company Do? 


Does Your Strategy Support Pull or Push?

Use business agility to bring management into the 21st century and grow your business: 

Start by reading our white paper by David Siegel.

The Management Consulting Manifesto for those ready to challenge the status quo.

Must Read book: Joy, Inc., by Richard Sheridan

"People Don't Click" - by David Siegel

Two key principles of business agility are to increase awareness of system 1 and increase the use of system 2. I describe the two modes of thinking and give three things you can do to make better decisions. Note: be alert and awake for this video; it's fun but challenging.

Monthly Infographic

Each month we'll present a meaningful display of quantitative information that we hope will help people understand how skewed our world is. 

January, 2014: Ninety percent of large predator fish are now gone. Most fisheries are overexploited and can't recover. This graphic from Greenpeace tells some of the story. 


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