A partial client list.

A partial client list.

David Siegel has been a senior advisor to many startups, organizations, and large companies. In the 1990s, he worked with CSC as a retained advisor and was an advisory board member to dozens of companies. He has also sat on many corporate boards. He has written five books and given many keynote speeches around the world. He is particularly good at offsites and forward-looking events where people have time to think about making changes. 

David has consulted with companies at a strategic and board level, up to $30,000 per day. His day rate depends on your location, schedule, size of group, and needs. He prefers a monthly retainer relationship at 2 days per month, but a single day to get started is always fine. 

The single day starts with a two-hour presentation on any of a number of topics: 

  • Blockchain overview - beginning of the blockchain bootcamp
  • Crypto-Investing - how to get started in this new asset class
  • Crypto-Law - how smart contracts will change law, legistlation, and regulations. 
  • From push to pull - using data smarter will change your culture
  • Pretotyping - an untapped innovation technique that takes lean to new levels
  • Kanban & working in pairs - how to run a Kanban board and scale it up.
  • From factory to laboratory - putting the culture deck to work in practice
  • Decentral banking - the history and future of money & macroeconomics
  • Building a smart portfolio of projects - the portfolio is more important than the project
  • Building a resilient portfolio of investments - Use antifragile portfolio concepts
  • Startup myths and realities - how to manage a portfolio of startup investments
  • Understanding climate change - from Climate Curious
  • Uncertainty vs Risk - how being conservative is very risky and what to do about it
  • The Business Agility Worldview overview (beginning of the two-day workshop)
  • The four drivers of change for this century - what I think are the four big ones
  • The impact of future technologies - a roundup of what will radically reshape us
  • Introduction to dark chocolate connoisseurship (chocolate tasting and learning)
  • Other topics available

Then there is typically a meeting to discuss the afternoon, a lunch with the team or executives, and then in the afternoon it can be workshops, another presentation, participation in your event, presentation of projects, continued learning, or putting the principles into practice (see coaching). 

This can be a one- or two-day engagement. Please contact David to discuss what would be best for your team.