What Do You Believe ...

by David Siegel

Image courtesy of CollegeHumor.com, used without permission.

Image courtesy of CollegeHumor.com, used without permission.

Welcome future shapers! Here is your test:

Count how many of these statements you generally believe to be true ...

o Stretching before exercise is measurably beneficial.

o Taking supplemental vitamins, or a multivitamin, is beneficial to your health.

o People taking statins shouldn’t drink grapefruit juice.

o Taking antioxidants provides measurable benefit to overall health or longevity.

o It’s important to get enough calcium, to prevent bone problems.

o All men should get tested for prostate cancer by age 50.

o Pregnant women should not consume alcohol, not even a glass of wine a day.

o The CDC immunization program for infants has been shown to be beneficial.

o Eating dark chocolate is good for you.

o Dental fillings made of mercury have been shown to cause health problems.

o Children should drink cow’s milk to build up their bones.

o Everyone should be sure to get enough vitamin D.

o Left side of the brain is more analytical and quantitative; right side is more creative and linguistic.

o Vitamin C helps prevent colds.

o Resveratrol, one of the components of red wine, can help you live longer. 

o Vaccine preservatives can increase a child’s likelihood of getting autism.

o Most antidepressant medications approved by the FDA are effective.  

o A low-fat diet is beneficial for most people.

o A low-carb diet is beneficial for most people.

o A low-protein diet is beneficial for most people.

o A salad or other daily fiber added to the diet contributes to good health.

o It’s healthier to eat organic foods than conventional food.

o Adults should get a checkup every five to ten years. 

o You should try to get at least a certain minimum amount of protein in your diet.

o People who want to lose weight should consume fewer calories than they burn.

o A calorie-restricted diet or one that includes fasting is good for you.

o There is a scientific basis for homeopathic medicine.

o Children who eat sugar become hyperactive.

o Regular flossing helps prevent tooth decay.

o No two fingerprints are exactly alike.

o Investors with 5+ years of beating the market are likely to continue to do so.

o Successful businesspeople have qualities that unsuccessful businesspeople don’t.

o An education will pay for itself in future earnings.

o According to the World Health Organization, the United States is in the top 25 of all countries ranked by life expectancy of their people.

o According to the UN, the United States ranks in the top 15 of all countries with lowest infant mortality. 

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