by David Siegel

Mind Map

We are working on a public resource to help people learn about business agility. It's a mind map that will help you navigate the terrain. You should find this quite helpful in understanding your own biases. There are also many consulting firms, research institutions, and other good resources. Click on the image below to open in a new tab in your browser. 


Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong - TED talk

Scott Frazer: Why Eyewitnesses Get it Wrong - TED talk

Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness - TED talk

Allan Savory: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change  - TED talk (but - it's complicated)

Hans Rosling: Religion and Overpopulation  - TED talk

Everything is Obvious: Once you Know the Answer - book

Dr. Otis Brawley: 'The System Really Is Not Failing ... Failure Is The System - speech


Self Governance

Gary Hamel's description of W. L. Gore - article 

The Valve Company Handbook - document

Poynton Traffic Experiment - video

The Great Game of Business - consultancy

Scientific American: Removing Roads and Traffic Lights Speeds Urban Travel - article

BBC News Viewpoint: Is it time to get rid of traffic lights? - article

Management by Getting Out of the Way - article

Holacracy - a system for flatness, focusing on roles

The Insanity of the What-by-When - essay


Bayesian Reasoning - web site

Lesswrong rationality page - everything here is important

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - web fiction

The best Bayes' Theorem Explanation We've Seen - web site

Bayes' Theorem, visualized - video



 The Institute for Health Initiatives

Misdiagnosis and Doctor Overconfidence

Introduction to John Ioannidis

Follow the money

Placebos are getting better

NUSI - the Nutrition Science Initiative

Science-based Medicine - blog

Expecting Better - book on pregnancy myths - all trials reported; data transparency
on clinical trials. 

RxISK - the drug side-effect database

The Dartmouth Atlas - regional differences in US healthcare.

Dr Brent James - improving healthcare using experiments. 

Metamed - evidence-based patient and doctor counseling.

Iodine - personal health decision support.


Cognitive Neuroscience

The Colour-Changing Card Trick, by Richard Wiseman - web site

Neurobonkers - awesome neuro debunking - web site

A Skeptic's Guide to the Mind: What Neuroscience Can and Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves - book

University of Pennsylvania happiness and grit tests


The Illusion of Investor Alpha

Fooled by Randomness - book by Nassim Taleb

The Hedge Fund Mirage - book 

We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us - a Kauffman Institute report on venture capital returns

Luck versus Skill in Mutual Fund Returns - by Eugene Fama & Kenneth French

The Myth of the Billion-Dollar Exit - article

Fool's Gold - book on angel investing



Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy


Applied Quantitative Sciences 
Center for Applied Rationality
Decision Strategies International
Hubbard Decision Research
Robust Decisions
Smart Org
Strategic Decisions Group
Decision Analysis Society
Decision Sciences Institute
Society of Decision Science Professionals
Society for Judgment and Decisionmaking
The Decision Book - book
The Decision Wall - software

The Science of Pursuasion - by Robert Cialdini
Thinking: The New Science - by John Brockman
Loomio - online collaborative decision tool



Applied Predictive Technologies

Tim Harford: Trial, Error, and the God Complex - TED talk

Javelin software to track your experiments


Cheat Sheets

The Business Agility One Page Summary

Cognitive Bias Field Guide - by Barry Ritholtz

Scrum Reference Card - by Michael James


Working with Uncertainty

Simply Statistics - research guys doing great analysis & blogging

Decision Analytics by Lumina 

Analycorp - Sam Savage, statistician extraordinaire

Untangling Skill and Luck - an article by Michael Mauboussin

The Paradox of Skill - an excellent overview of "The Success Equation," by Michael Mauboussin

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies - a business school dedicated to understanding uncertainty

Probability Management - amazing videos by Sam Savage



All the hip companies are doing it - article

Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World, by Williams, Penman, & Kabat-Zinn

Headspace, the helpful meditation app!  


Belief Mapping

Computers have learned that there are six kinds of humans - article

VALS persona profiles by SRI research. 


Agile Management


Menlo Innovations

David J. Anderson & Associates



TLC Labs



Reed Hastings on Culture at Netflix (best approach to compensation)

Bob Sutton on CEO pay

The asshole manager test - Bob Sutton



The Mouse Trap - how science screwed up by studying the same mouse over and over and over. 

Proofiness lecture - video by Charles Seife 

The Science Media Centre - helping the precss understand science news

Center for Open Science



Hole in the Wall - Dr Sugata Mitra's system for letting kids teach themselves

Free Thinkers - an excellent piece on kids learning to learn

Alfie Kohn - a man who dares to speak truth to power. 

Diane Ravitch dares to use evidence against zealots.

Workforce Science

Hiring in the Age of Big Data - Bloomberg article