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"An eye-opener that showed once again how many of our decisions are based not on evidence but on fallacies like group-think, reverse causality, and other cognitive biases. If you and your team want to make sound decisions, book the Business Agility workshop."
— Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, Strategy & Performance Expert
"Fast paced, insightful, lively, and fun. David unapologetically crushes common business myths with hard evidence and introduces agile thinking tools that can make the difference between a business failure and thriving on change."
— Boaz Heller, Singularity University

Overview: “The pace of business is accelerating, and the people problems aren’t going away,” says David Siegel. If your top business problem is within those two areas, this workshop is for you. This intensive full-day workshop will help you see your business in a new way. David provides frameworks and exercises on the core concepts of connectedness, complex adaptive systems, volatility, randomness and luck, lean vs agile, and profiting from uncertainty. 

What to expect: You will be actively taking notes, engaging with the content and tools, and reframing your most important business problems. Be sure to bring a notebook and pen. 

Who should come: The workshop is for decision makers, managers, leaders, change agents, and consultants.

This is the full menu of topics covered in the workshops: 

We offer workshops from 3 hours to 3 days ...

Evening or afternoon overview

This is a good introduction for a large audience to the concepts and modules. It covers part of the Agile Worldview module and specifically addresses each participant's number one business problem. Participants get more than their money's worth and leave with a notebook full of new tools and ideas. This is a 3-hour workshop that can take place during the day, evening, or weekend. 

Workshop #1: One-day Business-Agility Worldview

In this workshop, we spend the entire day recalibrating our minds to the realities of business in the 21st century. This is a very challenging workshop that will prompt participants to rethink most of their assumptions about their business, management practices, and people. Serious changes will result. 

This workshop is a prerequisite for all the others. The next available is in London on May 28 - sign up here.

"David is one of the most progressive thinkers I have ever met."
     — Julian Teike

Workshop #2: People and Organization Design

In this fast-paced day, you'll learn what's wrong with HR today, then we'll talk about how to eliminate that department from your company, and why your company will be better off after you do. The best way to retain employees is to create a GREAT place to work. You'll learn the myths and facts behind employee engagement, compensation, communication, and much more. In the afternoon, we will cover organization design - the transition toward self-management. We'll learn about several companies that have absolutely no managers and how they do it. 

Workshop #3: Make Better Decisions

This is a one-day immersion in the world of decision science. Just learning a few of these techniques will probably save at least ten percent of your budget and make your group or company more effective. 

Workshop #4: Leadership, Experiments, Management, and Lean/Agile

This is two days covering the four topics. We can organize them however we like. You will fill your toolkit with new tools and systems for improving culture. 

“Get ready to rethink everything.” 
— Colin Turner, investor

Workshop #5: Portfolio and Beyond Budgeting

In this day, we will discover a simple rule that will help all executives, board members, and managers get rid of their "white elephant" projects and prioritize around business value. This is an extremely valuable day that will probably overhaul the way you do budgeting. 

Workshop #6: Marketing and Branding, and Blockchain

This is really two separate half-day workshops that can be combined or separate. The marketing and branding work is based on evidence from the front lines and will replace your existing marketing mindset. The blockchain overview will help you understand the power and the promise of blockchain, and why decentralization is the theme for the 21st century. You can learn more about the introduction to blockchain, which is also a stand-alone 2-hour presentation. 

Workshop #7: Putting it All Together

This is the final workshop of the introductory series. In this workshop, we look over everything we've done and each participant files a flight plan for change within his/her organization. This has already begun, so it's a time to share what we have learned and commit to implementing business agility until you have tangible results and buy-in from others. 

All the programs are flexible, but these seven days cover the basics. Custom formats and agendas can be created according to the needs of the client. We are looking for people in various cities who can help us find space, sponsors, and attendees for these workshops.

These topics require skill development and follow-up. See our book list and coaching sections for next steps. The following 5-minute video gives you a taste of some of the content in this workshop: 

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